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Double Nose Daffodils bulb shown with US 25 cent coin for scaleThe appeal of daffodils lies in their beauty and durability. Their flowers come in a range of colors (yellow, of course, but white, too, often with contrasting cups of orange or pink) and in a variety of shapes and sizes. They bring the spark of life to the early-spring landscape. And they ask little in return. Planted in a sunny location where the soil drains well, most daffodils are willing to come back year after year, their clumps increasing in size over time. Perhaps best of all, deer and rodents leave daffodils alone. That's because all daffodils contain a bitter poison called lycorine.

Daffodil, Jonquil or Narcissus?

Botanically, all daffodils belong to the genus Narcissus. So "daffodil" is simply the common name for a Narcissus. They are two names for the same thing. In the South, "jonquil" is often used as a common name. Technically, it should only be used for the species Narcissus jonquilla and its hybrids.