Colorblends wholesale flowerbulbs

Colorblends of Tulips

The majority of tulips sent to the U.S. are planted in single varieties in parks and gardens. Without playing down these single-variety displays, we feel tulips can be used in a more exciting way by planting COLORBLENDS: pre-blended mixtures of different varieties of tulips. Done properly, the results are spectacular and quite different from any tulip display you have ever seen, especially when planted thickly in blocks or broad ribbons. A large planting of one of our blends will literally stop traffic.

Please note: For most tulips, the first spring's display is the best. Flowering in future springs is often sporadic. For a great show every year, we recommend that you treat tulips as annuals, lifting and discarding them after they bloom and replanting fresh bulbs in the fall. That said, there are some tulips that are willing (though not guaranteed) to bloom well for more than one spring. You'll find them listed on our perennial tulips page.