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Tulip installation in Houston,TX Here's a picture of this Spring's display of Big Ups I purchased from you guys last fall. They were gorgeous.... had about 600 in the front and 400 in the back here around the fountain. Had several people just stop in front of the house. No one around here really plants tulips; except for a couple commercial plantings; but mine were far superior to those :) Thanks for the great bulbs. Tom B., Houston, TX.

Tulip installation in Middleton WI. The enclosed photo was taken in my garden May 7. Thank you for continuing to supply me with the bulbs that make my garden so beautiful. As I learn more about you and your company I increase the number of bulbs I purchase from Colorblends each year.Don M., Middleton, WI.

Tulip installation in Mahopac NY. Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for your tulips. Gudoshnik was spectacular! The tulips lasted a full month from mid april to mid may and the colors were breathtaking! The were also beautiful especially the striped orchid ones which lasted a month from mid march to mid april, so timing was perfect. I have attached a photo of how fantastic the tulips looked this spring. Thank you for such great service and bulbs. Sincerely, Debra K., Mahopac, NY.

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Tulip installation in Boulder, CO. Howdy, I have gotten heaps of bulbs from you over the last 3 years. The daffodils have naturalized so fast and abundantly. This year even a Pink Charm did a double bloom! See image. The February Gold , which I expected to be the first to bloom are among the last, not opening until May long after others came and went. The Marieke are enormous. Cheers, Tyler A., Boulder, CO.

Tulip installation in  Fenton, MI. Tulip installation in  Fenton, MI.Colorblends, I'm sending these photos to let you know how beautiful the Purdy and Carmen Rio tulips for St. John church in Fenton turned out. A little anecdote, when we went to inspect the beds yesterday a woman with a small child, camera in hand, was taking pictures at these beds with the beautiful tulips as a backdrop. The many compliments I received (I'm in charge of design and planting) were overwhelming! Thank you for being such a dependable firm with outstanding results and service with a beautiful product.
Sincerely, Linda B., Fenton, MI.

Bulb installation in  Westchester, IL. Bulb installation in  Westchester, IL. Here are the results from all the Fall planting of your beautiful bulbs! So, enjoy the photos from Spring in Illinois. I LOVE your bulbs! One of the men I work with took the photos as I do not even own a camera He took about 70 photos and will use some on his town website! Bonnie V., Westchester, IL.

Tulipinstallation in  Ponca City, OK. Just wanted to say thanks for the tulip bulbs they did great -- see the photos. I have gotten great compliments on them and people asking my where I got the bulbs. Some people even thought they looked so good that they were not real. They also said they had never seen tulips so big. Thought you would enjoy the photos! Michelle W., Ponca City, OK.

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Tulip installation in  Leesburg, VA. Hello Everyone at Colorblends, Meant to send this picture sometime ago. It is the Hawera blend with . I did this planting at the downtown Post Office in Leesburg,VA. Every spring it has put on a fantastic display and receives many compliments. What a great combination. True to your catalog description, it has naturalized well. Last spring the plantings filled the area. It was a mass of bright yellow dotted with pink. This photo is of the first spring after planting. I will have to take another photo next spring so you can see the difference. In another local planting this fall, I have tried the Aladdin mix. Can't wait to see the display in spring. Rene D, Leesburg VA

Tulip installation in  Siver Spring, MD. I just placed my order for this years tulips and it always leaves me gasping. I think I must be mad to order so many for my little yard. But then I look at my pictures from this past spring and wonder how I can squeeze a few more bulbs into my yard. The attached image is a bed where I combined Temples Favorite and French Rose Blend. It was stunning and I will be repeating the effect this year. Thanks for the beautiful and dependable bulbs. Karen B, Silver Spring MD

Tulip installation in Greensboro, NC. Thought you might like to see your Sultans of Spring after surviving more than a week of record breaking 85+ temps in late March, then plunging to a 24 freeze. We thought they were so beautiful that we had this photo enlarged to 20x30" and prinrted on canvas. It's now hanging in our living room. We are never disappointed in your tulips. Thanks Rita M, Greensboro NC

Tulip installation in Newport, Rhode Island. Thought you might like to see your tulips growing happily at our client's home in Newport, RI This is a mixture of Lipsticks and Gudoshnik planted last fall.

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Tulip installation in  Columbia, SC. Tulip installation in  Columbia, SC. Tulip installation in  Columbia, SC. These are pictures of the tulips of last Spring. They were taken late in March. They started blooming about the 15 of March, the late blooms had lots of purples. Everybody thought they were the best ever, but we say that every year. Thank all of you for be special. BJ D., Columbia, SC.

Tulip installation in  Columbia, SC.

Here a photo of last year daffodil bloom. The photo is used for the annual party invitation. Leo M., Dayton OH

I ordered 3 different varieties of Amaryllis bulbs that were new to me and all were excellent, the Dancing Queen in particular was fantastic with lots of blooms from the 1 bulb. I grow Amaryllises mostly to give away during the season and the recipients were ecstatic. I look forward to the next Fall catalog. Very pleased customer Captain Philip E. USN Ret, Essex, CT.

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I just want to let you know what a success the amaryllis bulbs were. I bought 3 Jewel and 3 Sumatra. They all produced 2 stems and were all stunning. One of the Sumatra had one 36" stem and one 40" stem - from top of bulb to bottom of flower more then double the expected height! I tried to send a photo but it was too big for the e-mail and would not send it: too many MBs. Thank you, Erica Erica S., Mansfield, MA.

Dear Colorblends, Last year I ordered Hot Hot Hot tulip collection plus Grand Prix Amaryllis, to be sent to my in-laws in Illinois. They received the order and planted all the tulips. Shortly afterward my mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital, she suffered a stroke. The Amaryllis bloomed while she was there. It was horticultural therapy at it's best. She is now in a nursing home for rehab. We hope she gets home to see the tulips bloom. They will give her something to look forward too. Thank you! Sally M., Orange, VA.

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I ordered 3 Exotica amaryllis bulbs last fall. I gave two as gifts and kept one for myself. The bulb was so large it wouldn't fit in the pot I usually use for amaryllis. I don't know about the ones I gave as gifts but mine had 4 flowers on the first stalk, 4 on the second, and 5 on the third, a total of 13 big beautiful flowers! I have been a Colorblends customer for several years and will continue to tell everyone who ask about my spring gardens that my bulbs all come from Colorblends. Thank you, Rita F., Ashland, KS.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I was so worried as December/January is when I get my bulbs in as October/November I am cleaning up and composting the flowerbeds. Thank you very much for sending the Turkistanica bulbs. I would not have been a stickler about them normally except I was really looking forward to this wild variety from so far away. May you have a Merry Christmas and know this I have been purchasing bulbs from various companies for over thirty years and from the minute I viewed your catalog, to speaking with various individuals with your company, to emailing the consistency of great customer service has insured I will be buying from you for years to come! I hope your business grows from the Olympic Peninsula as I have been talking about you A LOT!! Again, Happy Holidays. Victoria T., Port Angeles, WA.

Wow! I received my order from you promptly & was very impressed w/ the quality of the bulbs. They far exceeded my hopes. I'm so used to reading in catalogs that bulbs will be fresh & in good shape, only to be disappointed when I receive an order. But your bulbs are better than advertised. They are so much larger than most, have no damage or signs mildew or drying. It's obvious they will perform well & give my garden a real boost in Spring. The price was right and the product is so far superior to anything available in stores around here. I'm so glad I found you on line! Your site is a real resource, with lots of useful information & the best photos I've seen. It really helped me plan my latest garden addition, as I could so easily visualize what the plants will look like, thanks to your photos. Many thanks! Shelley P., Morgantown, WV.

My thanks again, for the second year in a row of outstanding customer service on our tulip bulb order! From the ordering process (which I changed several times), your website, the email order confirmations, the delivery, the exact order, to the complimentary gift, everything was very well done. Thanks to everyone involved, for the great customer service! Hopefully this message will get passed along to everyone involved with the process. We look forward to seeing the flowers in the spring. Thank you, Andy N. Landscape Professional, Kansas City, MO.

wow, now that's some excellent service. i ordered my bulbs sunday afternoon and they arrived at noon on tuesday. thank you, thank you. what big fat bulbs and even a complimentary mousepad so that i can dream of tulips all winter long. i'm a very happy customer and wish i did not have to work today cuz i'd rather go home and play the dirt w/ my tulips! Lisa L., Waitsfield, VT.

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This is a quick email to say thank you!! When I called someone answered! When I had questions someone answered! When I had a small problem it was dealt with quickly and to my satisfaction!! I will use you again and again! Thanks Kara M, Fort Madison IA

To the staff at Colorblends, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help. I wanted to have daffodil bulbs to give as favors at my October 4th wedding and your company offered the most help and the best value. The bulbs got here in plenty of time for the wedding and I am so happy to be giving our guests a gift which they can enjoy for years to come! Sarah C., Sumter, SC.

Hello! I have been meaning to write this e-mail for about two weeks now since I received my order. Although I have only been purchasing my bulbs from Colorblends for only two seasons now, I am blown away at your commitment to provide top quality products and also have them delivered with lightning speed. I work at a golf course and our orders are generally in the thousands of bulbs: we still received our bulbs within two days!! Customer Service really did a great job too. Before ordering this year I wanted a copy of my order from last year to check quantities, etc. I called Colorblends and by the next day I had my order from the previous year in my hands! How helpful! Thank you so much for making my job easier by supplying us with what we want, when we need it. Keep Up The Good Work! A definite life-time customer, Linsey R., Horticulturist, Elverson, PA.

Kudos to your whole organization! The entire process browsing your website, ordering the bulbs by phone, to the delivery was perfect. The person who took my order was very, very helpful and was patient when I had to make a change due to a couple of the bulbs I wanted being sold out. The order arrived the exact week I requested and during the exact time that UPS told me it would get here. The order was 100 percent correct. Also, thanks for the coffee mugs - that was a nice gesture. I gave your website to three of our commercial clients to let them choose the bulbs they wanted and they all commented that they had fun looking at all the choices and making their selections. Thanks again for the excellent customer sevice! We're looking forward to seeing the bulbs come up next spring. Best Regards, Andy N Andy N., Kansas City, MO.

I have been using you for the past 2 years. Purchased over 30,000 bulbs this past season and cant wait to add to the site this year. Your product and service are top notch. Thank you. Gavin W., Bedford, NY.

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Colorblends Tulip Purdy Attached is a photo of the 'Purdy' tulip blend blooming infront of Ukiah Brewing Co. & Restaurant, located on thebusiest intersection of the city of Ukiah in Mendocino County. We've had hundreds of people tell us how much theyenjoyed them. The local newspaper ran a photo of them also. The tulips bloomed a full month. This blend is a real showstopper! Els C., Owner and Restaurant manager, Ukiah, CA.

I have been buying from you for several years with spectacular results.. After 2 years here I'm getting swamped with comments and questions about my yard, particularly the bulbs which are the showiest display. The reason I am one of the only ones in the neighborhood with a big display is that most people only think of bulbs when they see them bloom.....too late. I am NOT a bulb expert but if you check back on my orders you will see that for someone with very little garden space, I am truly a consumer of your product. I even plant gardens for people as gifts. Laura D., Hauppauge, NY.

I'm very happy with the tulips so far. I thought I'd send ya some shots of the Purdy we have up now. We have Lava, Pink Margarita, Strike Me Pink coming up soon... Mitchell H, - Certified Arborist - Boise, ID

I purchased your tulips last year. They are so beautiful!!!!!. Jennifer P, Washington DC

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I don't have a question, but rather a compliment! Last fall I planted 200 of your tulip bulbs. I was a little leary being I had never ordered plants from a catalog. I found you on the internet just by doing a simple search. I am pleased to tell you that almost all of those 200 bulbs came up plus a lot of them have already multiplied. I am very anxious to see all of those tulips in bloom! Thank you for being such a reputable company! Patti R, Iowa

Once again, thanks to your bulbs, I have a traffic stopper!! Some folks have admitted wandering back this way for the 2d or 3rd year just to get a whiff of the hyacinths and a view of the palette. Of course I enjoy them too. Nothing like a cup of coffee at dawn when it's all peaceful and quiet. Tom M.

Mrs. Mieke N.

Dear Colorblends,
I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your tulips and daffodils have performed for me this spring. They are amazing, stop the car beautiful! My neighbors have all commented on how big and beautiful and colorful they were. The tupils are almost as big as my 3 yr old son! Never before have I beed so pleased at the result of a mail order garden purchase.
Thank you so much! Mrs. Mieke N.

Dr. David F, Pittsburgh PA

Just want you to know that ALL of my tulips that I planted last fall have bloomed, and it was SPECTACULAR!! My wife and I have never seen so many cars slow down while driving past our house, nor have we had so many compliments on our lawns beauty. Regrettably, I was honest to everyone who asked where I purchased my bulbs, so I may have some competition next year!!

Dear Tim, I just had to share these pictures of the "French Blend" tulips with all of you. They were really spectacular-my pictures aren't really as pretty as they were! I hope you will have them again next year because I will definitely want to order them! Thank you for making them available. They have received raves! Sally, Columbus GA

I ordered quite a few of your bulbs last fall for my home garden. They were beautiful and made a stunning display. The Gudoshnik and Pink Cloud tulips were lovely and fascinating to observe. The Stop the Car collection was a bit off. The orange were past their peak by the time the purple came up, but pretty nonetheless. The bulbs were well into lasting over two weeks before they got burned by an extraordinary heat wave we had (90 degrees in April). The compliments on my garden were non stop for two weeks. I will be ordering from you again this fall, I am very pleased with your bulbs. Karen B, Silver Spring, MD

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I ordered 2 different sets of tulips from you last fall and my garden is absolutely beautiful this spring.
I want to order more!! Diane S, Westwood MA

I wanted to tell you how wonderfully happy we are with the results of our bulbs, and show off a couple of photo's of them. We will be ordering more next year for sure...and our Home Owners Association. is lined up to order a ton. Thanks so much, we could not be happier. Barbara D

Just wanted to let you know that the tulips and daffodils that I ordered from your company are popping up and are beautiful! I get many compliments from friends and neighbors.
I truly appreciate your excellent customer service and the quality product that I receive. I sell real estate and would love to provide my clients with information about colorblends. Do you have anything that I could purchase to send out to my clients like postcards or extra catalogs with information about how to order from your company? I hate to even part with the catalog that I receive, because I may never see it again if I loan it out. Amy H

Tim, I just wanted to send you a couple pictures. We have yellow & red bloomers along the wall in the back yard. They are planted with German light blue iris. When the tulips finish then the iris will take over. Our yard was a masterpiece. Happy growing. Ms Mary C, Laguna Niguel CA

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