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All tulip varieties are clones: Each plant is genetically identical to the next. But there are occasional hiccups in the code. This variable flower was discovered in a field of pure red Parade. It can be yellowy orange or orangey yellow, but it's always beautiful.

2014 Catalog: Web Only  
Division: Darwin Hybrid 
Height: 24 inches
Sunlight: Full 
Soil: Well drained 
Depth: 5 inches
(prechill 7b-10)
Density: 5 per sq. ft.
Beauty of Parade# 1304
per 100: $ 30.00
per 1000: $ 250.00
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We have finished shipping for Fall 2013 planting. The next time for planting tulips, daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs is Fall 2014.