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The formality of the ivory oval flowers is softened by a pure white, lily-shaped tulip with arching, pointed petals. White is the first color to emerge in the morning and the last to be snuffed out at dusk, so this blend is ideal for those who work long hours.

2014 Catalog: Page 40
Division: Multiple 
Height: 26 inches
Sunlight: Full 
Soil: Well drained 
Depth: 5 inches
(prechill 7b-10)
Density: 5 per sq. ft.
White On # 1410
per 100: $ 46.00
per 1000: $ 410.00
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We have finished shipping for Fall 2013 planting. The next time for planting tulips, daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs is Fall 2014.