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New Ideas + Sample Plantings Slideshows

We have a saying in the office, "Different kinds of people, different kinds of gardens ". Here are some ideas. " Learn by doing , learn by looking."

  • Naturalizing Daffodils

    Naturalizing Daffodils

    For a long term and endearing friendship, plant daffodils. Lots of them. Go wild.

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  • Customer Plantings

    Customer Submitted

    Everyone with a shovel likes to admire their own handiwork. On a spring day it is nice to be a guest and enjoy someone else's hard work and planning.

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  • Urban Tulips

    Urban Tulips

    Nothing brings city dwellers out of their hibernation and high rise caves like tulips on a sunny day in the spring.

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  • April in North Holland

    April in North Holland

    Growing is hard work. There's the wind, the rain, the machinery and the markets to manage. Sometimes when you stand up and step back the view is breathtaking.

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