Double Daffodils

    A double daffodil is a strange and wonderful thing. The extra petals completely transform the familiar cup-and-saucer shape of the flower. Sometimes the doubling is found only in the center. In other cases, petals seem to be emerging all over the place, causing the uninformed visitor to do a double take: Roses in early spring?

    Many double daffodils combine extra petals with petal-like (petaloid, to use the technical term) pieces in a second color. These are the remnants of what was once the cup. They serve as interesting and attractive accents to the explosion of petals pushing up, through and around them.

    Double daffodils make effective landscape plants. The fullness and unusual construction of the flowers are hard to miss. We would argue that enough should be planted so that some can be cut without marring the display. For it’s at close range that you can really appreciate their amazing architecture.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
3805 Acropolis   White/Red 18 inches Mid 0.700
3703 Charm Offensive   White/Yellow 15 inches Mid-Late 0.440
3023 Cheerfulness   Cream/Orange 15 inches Mid-Late 0.420
3051 Delnashaugh   White/Peach 16 inches Mid 0.540
3038 Double Campernelle   Yellow 12 inches Early-Mid 0.290
3802 Double Smiles   Yellow 12 inches Early-Mid 0.370
3808 Erlicheer   White with yellow 12 inches Early 0.390
3083 Flower Parade   White/Orange 16 inches Early-Mid 0.650
3757 Oh Pairs   Yellow/White/Orange 16 inches Early-Mid 0.590
3081 Queens Day   Yellow 16 inches Early 0.670
3512 Sir Winston Churchill   White/Orange 18 inches Mid 0.590
3056 Tahiti   Yellow/Orange 16 inches Early-Mid 0.590
3806 White Lion   White/Yellow 16 inches Early-Mid 0.500
3024 Yellow Cheerfulness   Yellow 15 inches Mid-Late 0.460

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