Gold Standard Daffodils

    When planting daffodils many folks think first of a golden-colored trumpets.
    The best known golden trumpet daffodil name is King Alfred.
    Unfortunately Old Al has been retired for many years now, with only a small acreage grown in the Netherlands. We offer these fine daffodils as the best performing gold trumpets from this year's crop -together they comprise the current Gold Standard of Daffodils.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
3006 Carlton   Yellow 15 inches Early-Mid 0.590
3852 Carlton LS   Yellow 15 inches Early-Mid
3630 Dutch Master   Yellow 16 inches Early 0.480
3631 Dutch Master LS   Yellow 16 inches Early
3562 Gigantic Star   Yellow 20 inches Early 0.590
3560 Golden Harvest   Yellow 16 inches Early 0.590
3010 Marieke   Yellow 18 inches Early 0.650

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