Miniature Daffodils

    Daffodil varieties are classified into 13 divisions, beginning with Trumpets and ending with what might be called the species (daffodils encountered in the wild). Missing from the list is Miniatures. Height and flower size are not considered when assigning a variety to a division. A daffodil that meets the criterion for being, say, a trumpet or a jonquil, is so labeled, even if it’s only 6 inches tall.

    Since there is no division for Miniatures, there is no official definition of “miniature” among daffodils. The American Daffodil Society, which prides itself on establishing guidelines and making fine distinctions, has tried in the past to arrive at a definition but so far has been unable to arrive at a consensus.

    In this vacuum, Colorblends offers its own list of miniatures. They bear relatively small flowers on proportionately smaller plants, but all are very big in the cuteness category.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
3544 Baby Boomer   Yellow 7-9 inches Mid 0.390
3044 Hawera   Yellow 8-10 inches Mid 0.240
3046 Jetfire   Yellow/Orange 10-12 inches Early 0.360
3047 Minnow   White/Yellow 8-10 inches Early-Mid 0.250
3532 Rapture   Yellow 12-14 inches Early 0.420
3595 Sailboat   White/Yellow 10-12 inches Early-Mid 0.390
3611 Segovia   White/Chartreuse 8-10 inches Early-Mid 0.400
3202 Sun Disc   Yellow/Gold 10-12 inches Mid-Late 0.290
3021 Tete a Tete   Yellow 7-9 inches Early 0.350
3542 W.P. Milner   Cream/Yellow 7-9 inches Early-Mid 0.340

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