Most Colorblends are designed to work in both small spaces and large, so the number of tulip varieties is typically limited to two or three. Really big areas allow room for more elaborate displays that cover a greater range of color, bloom time, height and texture.

Hence: BedSpreads®. These blends comprise four, five or more varieties and are packed only in bulk quantities of 500 or 600 bulbs. Where a duet or trio would be nice but a symphony would really resound, try a BedSpread.

Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
1570 Boutonniere   Sold Out Pink/White/Maroon 18-24 inches
1573 Chardonnay   Sold Out Orange/White/Yellow 22 inches Mid
1572 Gamay   Sold Out Pink/Purple 16-24 inches
1576 Niagara   Sold Out Red/White/Yellow 16-20 inches
1571 Pinotage   Sold Out Pink/Purple/Maroon 18-24 inches
1575 Prosecco   Sold Out Yellow/Orange/White/Pink 18 inches Early-Mid

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