Squared Tulip Blends

    The Cubed Blends have been popular for many years, but for some commercial customers, they bloom too long. These customers need to have the tulips done and out of the way so that the summer annuals can go in on schedule. Time and manpower are precious in the spring; a landscape professional can’t be waiting for the tulips to finish when dozens or even hundreds of flats of annuals sit baking in the parking lot outside the office.

    Solution: Squared Blends. They combine an early and a midseason tulip to provide extended bloom without risk of delaying the petunia planting.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
1595 Orange Squared   Orange 18-24 inches 0.350
1593 Pink Squared   Pink 16-24 inches 0.350
1590 Red Squared   Red 16-24 inches 0.350
1594 Red Yellow Squared   Red/Yellow 16-24 inches 0.350
1592 White Squared   White 16-24 inches 0.370
1591 Yellow Squared   Yellow 16-24 inches 0.350

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