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Wild Tulips

These little beauties are the unsung heroes of the tulip world. They look delicate, but they're actually very tough, having endured for hundreds, and probably thousands, of years in the forbidding mountains and hidden valleys of Asia Minor and the Causasus.

Now, tulip lovers have a new website to explore: Tulips In the Wild. Launched by Colorblends in conjunction with the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, the site features a first-ever online glimpse of images of rare wild tulip species in their remote mountain native habitats.

Item # Name Division Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
6050 Aladdins Carpet   Tulip Bulbs  Mixed Colors 4-10 inches
1011 Bakeri Lilac Wonder   Tulip Bulbs  Lilac-Pink/Yellow 8 inches Mid 0.180
1031 Batalinii Bright Gem   Tulip Bulbs  Soft Yellow 6 inches Mid-Late 0.180
1021 Humilis Violacea   Tulip Bulbs  Violet-Red 6 inches Early 0.210
1020 Lady Jane   Tulip Bulbs  White/Pink 10 inches Mid 0.300
1022 Linifolia   Tulip Bulbs  Scarlet 8 inches Mid 0.140
1030 Little Princess   Tulip Bulbs  Orange 4 inches Mid-Late 0.230
1036 Praestans Shogun   Tulip Bulbs  Soft Orange 12 inches Early-Mid 0.260
1025 Tarda   Tulip Bulbs  Yellow/White 5 inches Mid 0.180
1035 Tinka   Tulip Bulbs  Yellow/Red 10 inches Mid 0.200
1026 Tubergens Gem   Tulip Bulbs  Yellow/Red 10 inches Mid 0.190
1024 Turkestanica   Tulip Bulbs  White/Yellow 9 inches Early 0.170
1266 Wildfyre   Tulip Bulbs  Orange/Red 12 inches Early-Mid 0.280

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