Allium Bulbs

    The ornamental alliums are a diverse group. There are tall growers with dense globes of starry flowers that are held well above the leaves and ground huggers whose colorful blooms open in small clusters. All demand well-drained soil and plenty of sun (afternoon shade will prolong bloom in warm climates) and flower at the end of the spring bulb season, after the tulips are done.

    The genus Allium includes a number of familiar edible plants: onions, garlic, leeks, chives and shallots are all alliums. When you sniff the bulb or bruise the foliage of an ornamental allium, you will immediately think “onion!” People have long appreciated the flavors offered by this group, but deer find them distasteful. You can plant alliums in deer country and rarely observe a nibble.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
6061 Allium Ambassador   Purple 48 inches Very Late
6014 Allium Christophii   Silvery Pink 20 inches Very Late 0.340
6017 Allium Gladiator   Lilac-Pink 40 inches Very Late 1.900
6019 Allium Globemaster   Lilac-Pink 36 inches Very Late 3.800
6027 Allium Moly   Yellow 12 inches Very Late 0.080
6018 Allium Mount Everest   White 36 inches Very Late 1.700
6080 Allium Nigrum   White 30 inches Very Late 0.360
6023 Allium Purple Sensation   Purple 30 inches Very Late 0.340
6025 Allium Schubertii   Light Rose 18 inches Very Late 1.200
6016 Allium Sphaerocephalon   Wine Red 24 inches Very Late 0.100
6029 Allium Unifolium   Pink 12 inches Very Late 0.110

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