Amaryllis Bulbs

    For spectacular indoor blooms in the depths of winter, nothing rivals amaryllis. Their huge, trumpet-shaped flowers provide a bold splash of color, brightening even the bleakest day. Our bulbs are strong performers, producing at least two stems per bulb, with each stem bearing at least 4 flowers. October-December delivery.

    Where winters are mild (Zones: 9 and 10 and warm portions of 8) amaryllis can be planted outdoors. They need well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight. Protection from the afternoon sun will extend the bloom season. Bulbs planted outdoors generally bloom in the spring.

    Amaryllis can be slow to get going. Allow 12 weeks (or more) from potting to bloom. Most bulbs will not bloom until after Christmas.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
7008 Dancing Queen   White/Red 20 inches Indoor
7072 Double Delicious   Red/White 20 inches
7067 Double Dream   Fuchsia/White 20 inches Indoor
7052 Flamenco Queen   White/Red 20 inches Indoor
7076 Lagoon   Pink 20 inches
7073 Marilyn   White 20 inches
7023 Monaco   Red/White 20 inches Indoor
7069 Moscow   White 20 inches
7059 Purple Rain   White/Red 20 inches Indoor
7019 Rapido   Red 20 inches Indoor
7001 Red Lion   Red 22 inches Indoor
7065 Red Rival   Red 18 inches Indoor
7074 Rosalie   Salmon-Pink 24 inches
7053 Royal Velvet   Wine Red 20 inches Indoor
7029 Samba   Red/White 20 inches Indoor

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