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This heavy-duty auger allows you to plant a lot of bulbs in a hurry where the soil is mostly free of rocks and roots. It works best with a portable gas or corded electric drill. A variable-speed hammer drill is recommended. And if you have a helper to drop in the bulbs as you go, the work goes twice as fast. We have landscape contractor customers who swear by this tool. It’s also useful for planting seedlings, mixing small amounts of cement, installing signs, etc.
Unconditionally guaranteed.
Made in USA.

Drill Size: ½" or larger (will not fit in a ⅜" drill)
Overall length: 24"
Diameter: 3"
Flighting: 12"

Bulb Auger # 9324
per 1: $ 35.00
Our Item #: 9324
2019 Catalog: Page 145
Height: inches
Bulb Size:
Bloom Time:
Depth: inches
USDA Zones:
Density: per sq. ft.

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Tools Bulb Auger

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