Landscape Size Daffodils

    Time (and size) is money—in the bulb trade and in the green industry. Colorblends prides itself on shipping big daffodil bulbs for maximum impact in the landscape the first spring after planting. But where the budget is tight and your patience (or your client’s patience) is long, smaller bulbs may be what you need.

    In keeping with industry practice, we refer to these smaller bulbs as landscape size (LS) bulbs.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
3852 Carlton LS   Yellow 14-16 inches Early-Mid
3631 Dutch Master LS   Yellow 16-18 inches Early
3007 Fortune LS   Yellow/Orange 14-16 inches Early
3853 Ice Follies LS   White/Yellow 16-18 inches Early
3854 Mount Hood LS   White/Yellow 14-16 inches Early-Mid
3863 Sealing Wax LS   Yellow/Orange 16-18 inches Early

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