Deer and Rodent Resistant

Deer and rodents can do terrible damage to tulip and crocus plantings, but there are many bulbs critters don't like, chief among them daffodils.

Below is a list of the bulbs we carry that deer and rodents generally leave alone. Please also see our list of daffodils. Only members of the Amaryllis family, which includes daffodils, snowflakes and snowdrops, are truly deer proof and rodent proof. They contain a bitter, poisonous substance called lycorine that no mammal will eat. The other bulbs in the list below are unpleasant to deer and rodents. Deer and rodents will generally avoid them but might take a bite if the plants are directly in their path or starvation gives the animals no alternative.

All daffodils are deer and rodent proof!

Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
6009 Blue Squill   Blue 6 inches Early 0.160
6021 Glory of the Snow   Lavender/White 4 inches Early 0.100
6035 Red Crown Imperials   Orange-Red 36 inches Early-Mid
6039 Snakes Head   Maroon/White 10 inches Early-Mid 0.160
6020 Snowdrops   White 6 inches Very Early 0.460
6015 Snowflake   White 26 inches Mid 0.690
6006 Starflower   Blue 4 inches Mid 0.140
6022 Winter Wolfs Bane   Yellow 3 inches Very Early 0.220
6051 Woodland Blend   Yellow/Purple/Blue 3-6 inches
6036 Yellow Crown Imperials   Yellow 36 inches Early-Mid
6061 Allium Ambassador   Purple 48 inches Very Late
6027 Allium Moly   Yellow 12 inches Very Late 0.080
6018 Allium Mount Everest   White 36 inches Very Late 1.700
6023 Allium Purple Sensation   Purple 30 inches Very Late 0.340
6016 Allium Sphaerocephalon   Wine Red 24 inches Very Late 0.100
6029 Allium Unifolium   Pink 12 inches Very Late 0.110
6033 Camassia   Sold Out Purplish Blue 36 inches Mid 0.790
6014 Allium Christophii   Sold Out Silvery Pink 20 inches Very Late 0.340
6017 Allium Gladiator   Sold Out Lilac-Pink 40 inches Very Late 1.900
6019 Allium Globemaster   Sold Out Lilac-Pink 36 inches Very Late 3.800
6080 Allium Nigrum   Sold Out White 30 inches Very Late 0.360
6025 Allium Schubertii   Sold Out Light Rose 18 inches Very Late 1.200

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