Hyacinth Bulbs

    For spring fragrance, hyacinths are in a class by themselves. Their sweet, penetrating scent wafts through the garden on even the faintest breeze. Nothing could be more welcome, after breathing stale indoor air all winter, than stepping outdoors in spring and taking in the sweet perfume of a hyacinth.

    Hyacinths produce barrel-shaped flower heads consisting of dozens of florets in early spring. They look best when planted in clusters toward the front of a border or massed in a formal bed. The flower heads are at their largest and fullest the first spring after planting; in subsequent years, they tend to be smaller and looser, which gives them a more natural look.

    Please note: Hyacinth bulbs can irritate your skin. Wear gloves when handling them and planting them in the fall.

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Item # Name Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
4053 Hyacinth Blue Delta   Purple-Blue/White 8-10 inches Early 0.690
4049 Hyacinth Blue Jacket   Purple-Blue 8-10 inches Early 0.640
4047 Hyacinth Carnegie   White 8-10 inches Early 0.690
4052 Hyacinth Etouffee   Pastel Colors 8-10 inches Early 0.690
4050 Hyacinth Fondant   Pink/White 8-10 inches Early 0.650
4045 Hyacinth Gipsy Queen   Apricot 8-10 inches Early 0.670
4055 Hyacinth Jambalaya   Mixed Colors 8-10 inches Early 0.730
4044 Hyacinth Jan Bos   Fuchsia-Red 8-10 inches Early 0.690
4048 Hyacinth Purple Sensation   Purple 8-10 inches Early 0.670
4057 Hyacinth Saints Parade   Pink/White/Blue 8-10 inches Early 0.680

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