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Shade Tolerant

To grow and flower well, most bulbs, including tulips, need lots of sunshine from the moment they push through the soil in early spring until their foliage yellows and collapses. Daffodils can tolerate a bit of shade, but if they get less than half a day of sun, they may not bloom in future years. In warm climates, a bit of afternoon shade--even for sun-lovers like tulips--can be a good thing, helping to prolong bloom and keep flower colors from fading.

The following bulbs can get by very well on just half a day of sun or in the filtered sunlight found under deciduous trees. But be warned: No bulb will thrive in deep shade.

Item # Name Division Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
6009 Blue Squill   Specialty Bulbs  Blue 6 inches Early 0.160
6021 Glory of the Snow   Specialty Bulbs  Lavender/White 4 inches Early 0.100
6039 Snakes Head   Specialty Bulbs  Maroon/White 10 inches Early-Mid 0.160
6020 Snowdrops   Specialty Bulbs  White 6 inches Very Early 0.460
6015 Snowflake   Specialty Bulbs  White 26 inches Mid 0.690
6028 Spanish Bluebells   Specialty Bulbs  Blue 16 inches Late 0.290
6006 Starflower   Specialty Bulbs  Blue 4 inches Mid 0.140
6008 Striped Squill   Specialty Bulbs  White/Blue 6 inches Early 0.110
6040 Trout Lily   Specialty Bulbs  Yellow 10 inches Early-Mid 0.680
6007 White Squill   Specialty Bulbs  White 5 inches Very Early 0.300
6012 Windflowers   Specialty Bulbs  White/Lavender 5 inches Early-Mid 0.150
6022 Winter Wolfs Bane   Specialty Bulbs  Yellow 3 inches Very Early 0.220
6051 Woodland Blend   Specialty Bulbs  Yellow/Purple/Blue 3-6 inches
5021 Crocreation   Crocus Bulbs  Purple/Yellow 5 inches Very Early 0.180
5020 Hokus Crocus   Crocus Bulbs  White/Purple 5 inches Very Early 0.180
6024 Tommies   Crocus Bulbs  Purplish Pink 4 inches Very Early 0.110
5050 Vernal Jewels   Crocus Bulbs  White/Yellow/Lavender 3 inches Very Early 0.120
6005 Grape Hyacinth   Muscari Bulbs  Blue 6 inches Mid 0.150
6004 Grape Hyacinth Blend   Muscari Bulbs  Blue/Light Blue/White 6 inches Mid 0.190
6003 Muscari Latifolium   Muscari Bulbs  Blue/Purple 6 inches Early-Mid 0.110

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