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Erlicheer is an early-flowering, sweetly scented double daffodil that bears 6-12 small white flowers on each stem. The flowers resemble miniature roses or gardenias and are easily as fragrant. Erlicheer is an heirloom (pre-1934) that hails from New Zealand. Grows very well in the South and on the West Coast. May not survive winter in very cold climates.
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Erlicheer # 3808
per 25: $ 18.00
per 100: $ 49.00
per 1000: $ 450.00
Our Item #: 3808
2019 Catalog: Web Only  
Height: 12-14 inches
Sunlight: Full 
Bulb Size: 12-14cm
Soil: Well-drained 
Bloom Time: Mid
Depth: 6 inches
USDA Zones: 6-8
Density: 4-5 per sq. ft.
Western Zone: to 10 

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Daffodil Bulbs Erlicheer

Daffodil Bulbs Erlicheer

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