Bulb Size Matters

Hands holding large and small tulip bulbs

The tulip bulb on the left will produce a larger plant with a larger flower than the bulb on the right.

In the flowerbulb world, bigger is better. That's because large bulbs produce more or larger flowers than small bulbs. When purchasing bulbs, always ask or look to see what size bulb you are ordering.

Colorblends only delivers size 12cm circumference tulip bulbs or larger. The flowers produced by small bulbs (10-11cm or 11-12cm) will look small next to flowers from 12cm+ tulips. Why go to all the effort of planting only to spoil the end effect by using smaller bulbs? Your savings will be negligible and much of the time and effort spent planting will seem wasted. Larger tulip bulbs simply produce superior plants with more impressive flowers.

With daffodils, large bulbs will give you 2-3 flower stems in the spring, smaller bulbs just one. The definition of "large" for a daffodil is harder to pin down, because some daffodils naturally make bigger bulbs than others. But given the choice between a 16cm bulb and a 12-14cm bulb, you (or your client) will be happier with the display from the 16cm bulb. The larger bulb appears to be expensive, but it's actually more economical than a small bulb if you count the amount of flowers per bulb you get in the spring. And isn't the purpose of planting bulbs to enjoy a great spring display with lots of flowers?

Get Your Money's Worth

Here we have placed one each of our typical tulip and daffodil bulbs next to bulbs we obtained from another source.

Our Tulips vs Theirs Colorblends tulips From another source From another source From another source From another source Our Tulips vs Theirs Colorblends daffodils

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