About State Sales Tax and Sales Tax Exemption

Due to widespread changes to state sales tax laws in 2018, COLORBLENDS is required to collect state and local sales taxes in all states shown in the table below.

Upon completing your online order we will calculate your estimated tax based on the current state sales tax rate for the shipping address.

The date your order is shipped, the actual sales tax including any county and municipal rates will be calculated. The charge to your credit card will include this amount, or you will be billed including the actual tax to be collected. Most residential sales will be taxable.

If you are purchasing your bulbs for resale, as is the case with most commercial buyers and landscape contractors, you may file a Tax Exemption Certificate. Purchasing Agents for tax exempt organizations, Municipalities, and State, Federal and Tribal Governments also may file an Exemption certificate.

The Exemption Certificate Form is available on this website in two places:

  1. When Logged in on your account panel under the tab labeled "TAX FORMS"
  2. On the next-to-last page of checkout with "Payment Information" at the bottom; the button labeled "Sales Tax Exemption".

You will need the appropriate tax identification number from your state to complete the form.

Exempt organizations need to file an exemption certificate only once per season. If you have filed a certificate with us, it will be so noted on the site, and on any confirmation emails, pdfs and paperwork associated with your orders. No state sales tax will be collected. You may file an Exemption Certificate at any time up until your order ships. After that we may be unable to claw back tax already collected.

If you need help filling out the form, anyone in our office can help you.

We encourage you to create an account with us on this site if you have not already done so.

Sales Tax Collection States
AR Arkansas
CA California
CO Colorado
CT Connecticut
GA Georgia
IL Illinois
IN Indiana
IA Iowa
KS Kansas
KY Kentucky
ME Maine
MD Maryland
MI Michigan
MN Minnesota
NE Nebraska
NV Nevada
NJ New Jersey
NY New York
NC North Carolina
ND North Dakota
OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma
PA Pennsylvania
RI Rhode Island
SD South Dakota
TN Tennessee
UT Utah
VT Vermont
WA Washington
WV West Virginia
WI Wisconsin
WY Wyoming
revised 03/19/2018

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