Welcome Landscape Professionals

If you are a landscape contractor, garden designer, landscape architect, golf course superintendent, grounds manager or zoo horticulturist, you’ve come to the right place. Colorblends has many years of experience in catering to the needs of landscape professionals. We offer top-quality bulbs, wholesale prices and a range of services designed to make marketing, ordering and receiving your bulbs easy. We want your customers—be they clients, members, residents or visitors—to have a great spring display.

Marketing to Landscaping Clients

Colorblends has a priceless website and a priceless digital catalog—both under the name SpringDisplays—to make it easy to market flowerbulbs to your clients. The website and the digital catalog show the current line of Colorblends flowerbulbs, but without prices and without Colorblends branding or contact information.

Choose the tool that works best for you and your clients:

The SpringDisplays website is a great selection tool for you. You pick options (favorites) that you want to suggest to your client and then email them directly from the website to your client. The “From” address is your email address. When your client replies to your suggestions, your client is replying to you.

The SpringDisplays online catalog can be used in two ways. You can email a link to the online catalog to your client, and your client can flip through it and let you know what he or she finds appealing. Items that are no longer available are marked “Sold Out.” Alternatively, you can sit with your client and browse the catalog together, using a tablet or laptop.

Pallet Shipments

Colorblends ships large orders (generally $2,000 and up) on pallets. Your bulbs arrive in one neat package. If you are placing a large order, please let us know if a tractor trailer can get to your delivery address and you have the equipment (forklift, skid steer with forks) to get a pallet from the back of a semi to the ground.

Itemized Packing Lists

The only thing harder than ordering an assortment of bulbs for several clients or job sites is remembering who gets what when the bulbs arrive. We solve this problem by allowing you to break your order down by client or location. When you get your bulbs, the packing list will show, line by line, how many of each bulb go to which location. The itemized packing list also simplifies billing, providing you a clear list of how the bulbs were distributed and what your cost was for each item.

You can enter your order with job names here on our website. You can also give us the order over the phone. Do you have everything organized in a spreadsheet? Email it to us, and we will take care of entering the order for you.

Bulb Crates Labeled by Client or Job Site

For pallet orders in which each client or location is to receive many hundreds or thousands of bulbs, we can label our heavy-duty plastic shipping crates with the client name or job site. The labeling makes it easy to break down the pallet when it arrives, and the shipping crates make loading the bulbs onto your trucks a snap. For more information about this free service, please give us a call.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are accepted from approved institutions, companies and organizations. Government agencies, cities, states, counties and public schools are automatically approved. Call us at 1 (888) 847-8637 for details.

Net 30 Terms (for Regular Customers)

We are pleased to extend credit, upon completion of a credit application, to customers we have done business with for several years. For the first two or three years, we request payment by credit card or pre-payment by check.

GCSAA Membership Privilege

Colorblends has been a member of the GCSAA for 32 years. In fact, the company got its start by marketing its concept of pre-blended tulip combinations to golf courses. As a small token of thanks to our early supporters, we extend pre-approved credit to all GCSAA members. Reserve your bulbs at your convenience. We’ll invoice you after delivery in the fall.

Resale Certificates

Due to widespread changes to state sales tax laws in 2018, Colorblends is required to collect state and local sales taxes. If you are purchasing your bulbs for resale, as is the case with most commercial buyers and landscape contractors, you may file a Tax Exemption Certificate.

The Exemption Certificate Form is available on this website in two places:

  1. When Logged in on your account panel under the tab labeled "TAX FORMS"
  2. On the next-to-last page of checkout with "Payment Information" at the bottom; the button labeled "Sales Tax Exemption"

You will need the appropriate tax identification number from your state to complete the form.

Exempt organizations need to file an exemption certificate only once per season. If you have filed a certificate with us, it will be so noted on the site, and on any confirmation emails, pdfs and paperwork associated with your orders. No state sales tax will be collected. You may file an Exemption Certificate at any time up until your order ships. After that we may be unable to claw back tax already collected.

If you need help filling out the form, anyone in our office can help you. Please call us at 1 (888) 847-8637.

We encourage you to create an account with us on this site if you have not already done so.

Planting Instructions in Spanish

As a service to customers or their workers who prefer Spanish to English, we have had our planting and care instructions translated into Spanish. Click the link below to download and print the instructions.

Instrucciones de cultivo y cuidado

Contractor Pickup at the Colorblends Warehouse in Connecticut

If your business is based in Connecticut, downstate New York, northern New Jersey or on Long Island, consider picking up your bulbs at our warehouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We are located just one mile off of I-95. Our address: 747 Barnum Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06608. For driving directions, click the link below.

Driving directions to the Colorblends warehouse

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