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Nir is one of the best paperwhites introduced to date. Its stems are shorter and therefore much less likely to flop than those of Ziva, the standard variety; its flowers are larger and showier; and its sweet fragrance, while strong, is not overpowering.

Allow 5-6 weeks from planting to bloom; for flowers at Christmas, plant by November 10. Bulbs can be started at intervals to provide color and fragrance until after Easter. Each will produce 2-3 sturdy stems crowned with clusters of large, sweetly scented white flowers.

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Paperwhites# 3016
per 25: $ 25.00
per 100: $ 65.00
per 500: $ 305.00
2017 Catalog: Page 144
Height: 20 inches
Bulb Size: 16-17cm
Bloom Time: Indoor
Depth: inches
USDA Zones:
Density: per sq. ft.
Synonyms: Nir, Nazareth 

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Daffodil Bulbs Paperwhites
Daffodil Bulbs Paperwhites

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