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Cubed Tulip Blends

Our Cubed Series are blends of three different tulip varieties that bloom in succession over a period of several weeks in the spring. The Cubes provide three overlapping shows in the same space in your garden, increasing your pleasure exponentially.

You can choose a Cube of similar colors, like the Yellow Cubed Tulips, or a Cube with various colors, such as Trifecta.

Since the bulbs don't all bloom at once, we recommend that you plant thickly for a full display.

Item # Name Division Color Height Bloom Time Per 100
1515 Pink Cubed   Tulip Bulbs  Pink 16-22 inches 0.350
1512 Red Cubed   Tulip Bulbs  Red 16-22 inches 0.350
1516 Red Yellow Cubed   Tulip Bulbs  Red/Yellow 15-22 inches 0.350
1518 Threedom   Tulip Bulbs  Orange 16-20 inches 0.360
1581 Triathlon   Tulip Bulbs  Yellow/Orange/Red 16-20 inches 0.350
1583 Trifecta   Tulip Bulbs  Red/Yellow/Purple 16-22 inches 0.360
1513 White Cubed   Tulip Bulbs  White 16-22 inches 0.390
1514 Yellow Cubed   Tulip Bulbs  Yellow 16-22 inches 0.350

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