Tulip Bulbs Gudoshnik

A remarkable tulip loved for its variegated blooms. The flowers vary from an almost plain creamy peach to a deep rose-red, with all possibilities in between. A wealth of colors that has to be seen to be believed. Gudoshnik means “artist” in Russian.

Many people struggle with the pronunciation of the name. We say goo-DOSH-nik, but we don’t pretend to know Russian. No matter how you say it, Gudoshnik is a great tulip.

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Our Item #: 1252
2020 Catalog: Page 63
Height: 22-24 inches
Sunlight: Full 
Bulb Size: 12cm+
Soil: Well drained 
Bloom Time: Mid
Depth: 5 inches
USDA Zones: 3-7
(prechill 7b-10)
Density: 5 per sq. ft.
Western Zone: 10 

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Tulip Bulbs Gudoshnik

Tulip Bulbs Gudoshnik

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