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Delivery Information

Timing of Deliveries

The flowerbulb crop for fall planting arrives in the United States in mid-September. We begin delivering bulbs during the last week of September.

Planting time for tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and other spring-flowering bulbs is late September through December—when soil temperatures drop to about 55℉. We ship to colder areas first, working our way south (and west) as the weather cools.

If you would like us to deliver your bulbs at a particular time, let us know. During the checkout process on this website, you will have the option of selecting a delivery week.If you do not select a delivery week, we will deliver your order according to your USDA Zone and the weather in your area. Please see the Shipping Charges page for information about shipping costs to each state.

Prechilled Bulbs

Tulips and many other spring-flowering bulbs that are to be planted in southern and western Zones 7b–10, where soil temperatures do not cool down sufficiently in winter, should be prechilled in a refrigerator (not a freezer) for 6–12 weeks before planting. If you have a spare refrigerator, we suggest you request delivery of your bulbs in mid-October.

If you are placing a larger order (e.g., one that includes 1200 tulips or more), Colorblends may be able to prechill your bulbs for you. We charge a flat fee of $50 per order for this service. The delivery time will depend on your location and your planting schedule.

Please see our Prechilling page for more information about prechilling.


The best shipping crates in the business! Orders for 600 or more tulips or 200 or more large daffodil bulbs are usually shipped in sturdy, stackable, reusable plastic Schippercrates with many uses: recycling bins, irrigation parts storage, you name it.

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