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  • Bulb Categories

Akebono Tulips

Aladdin’s Carpet™

Allium Ambassador

Allium Christophii

Allium Gladiator

Allium Globemaster

Allium Moly

Allium Mount Everest

Allium Nigrum

Allium Pinball Wizard Colorblends

Allium Pinball Wizard

Allium Purple Sensation

Allium Schubertii

Allium Siculum Bulbs Colorblends

Allium Siculum

Allium Sphaerocephalon

Allium Universe

Amazon Tulips

Amplitude Amaryllis Bulb Colorblends

Amplitude™ Amaryllis Trio

Anatolia Tulips

Anemone Blue Shades Bulbs Colorblends

Anemone Blue Shades

Arrow Space™ Tulip Blend

Aveyron Tulips

Avignon Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Avignon Tulips

Bakeri Lilac Wonder Tulips

Banja Luka Tulips

Beaujolais™ Tulip Blend

Beauty of Spring Tulips

Best Pink Tulips

Best Purple Tulips

Best Red Tulips

Best Red-Yellow Tulips

Best White Tulips

Best Yellow Tulips

Beyond Baroque™ Tulip Blend

Big Apricot Tulips

Big Eartha® Tulips

Big Red Tulips

Big Ups® Tulip Blend

Binary Fusion™ Tulip Blend

Black Tie™ Tulip Blend

Blue Squill

Blushing Lady Tulips

Bogota Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Bogota Amaryllis

Bouquet Beaucoup Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Bouquet Beaucoup™ Tulip Blend

Boutonnière™ Tulip Blend

Cakewalk® Tulip Blend

Calm Cool Collective™ Tulip Blend


Carnaval™ Tulip Blend

Celebration™ Tulip Blend

Chardonnay™ Tulip Blend

Chiquita Bordeaux Tulip Blend

Clearwater Tulips

Cobalt Sea™ Muscari Blend

Cretaceous Tulips

Critical Mass® Tulip Blend

Crocreation™ Crocus Blend

Daffodil 3D™ Blend

Daffodil Accent

Daffodil Actaea

Angel's Breath Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Angel's Breath

Daffodil Avalanche

Daffodil Baby Boomer

Banana Splash Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Banana Splash

Daffodil Barrett Browning

Daffodil Bella Estrella

Daffodil Bloom Factory™ Blend

Daffodil Brackenhurst

Daffodil Bridge Builders™ Blend

Daffodil Carlton

Daffodil Carlton LS

Daffodil Cassata

Daffodil Ceylon

Daffodil Charm Offensive™ Blend

Daffodil Cheerfulness

Daffodil Cornish King

Daffodil Delibes

Daffodil Delnashaugh

Double Sunrise Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Double Sunrise

Daffodil Dutch Master

Daffodil Dutch Master LS

Elka Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Elka

Daffodil Erlicheer

Daffodil Erlicheer LS

Daffodil Evan Scent™ Blend

Daffodil Falconet

Daffodil Flower Parade

Daffodil Fortune LS

Daffodil Frosty Snow

Daffodil Geranium

Daffodil Gigantic Star

Golden Delicious Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Golden Delicious

Daffodil Golden Earring™ Blend

Daffodil Golden Echo

Daffodil Golden Salome

Daffodil Gritty Southern Daff Blend™

Daffodil Ice Follies

Daffodil Ice Follies LS

Daffodil Jetfire

Daffodil Joyce Spirit

Daffodil Kedron

Lucky Number Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Lucky Number

Daffodil Marieke

Mary Poppins Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Mary Poppins

Daffodil Minnow

Daffodil Monal

Daffodil Mount Hood

Daffodil Mount Hood LS

Daffodil Oh Pairs™ Blend

Daffodil Pink Charm

Daffodil Pipit

Daffodil Poeticus Recurvus

Daffodil Precocious

Daffodil Pride of Lions

Daffodil Queen's Day

Daffodil Rapture

Daffodil Roadside Yellow®

Daffodil Sailboat

Daffodil Scilly Daffs™ Blend

Sherborne Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Sherborne

Daffodil Sir Winston Churchill

Daffodil Spring Loaded® Blend

Daffodil Starry Night™ Blend

Daffodil Sun Disc

Daffodil Sunshine Boys™ Blend

Daffodil Tahiti

Daffodil Tête-à-Tête

Daffodil Thalia

Daffodil The Gold Shoulder® Blend

Daffodil The Top 40™ Blend

Tom Pouce Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Tom Pouce

Topsy Turvy Daffodil Bulbs Colorblends

Daffodil Topsy Turvy™ Blend

Daffodil Watch Up

Daffodil Yellow Ocean

Dancing Queen Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Dancing Queen Amaryllis

Dawn to Dusk™ Tulip Blend

Daydream Tulips

Diamond Touch™ Tulip Blend

Dordogne Tulips

Double Delicious Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Double Delicious Amaryllis

Double Dream Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Double Dream Amaryllis

El Niño Tulips

Eyes Breaker Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Eyes Breaker™ Tulip Blend

Flair Tulips

Flama Verna™ Tulip Blend

Flora Culture Flower Bulbs Colorblends

Flora Culture™

Four-Star Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Four-Star™ Tulip Blend

French Blend Rose™ Tulips

Gamay™ Tulip Blend

Gemini II® Tulip Blend

Gentle Giants® Tulip Blend

Glory of the Snow

Glow Motion® Tulip Blend

Grape Hyacinth

Grow and Show Early to Mid Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Grow and Show™ Tulips, Early to Mid

Grow and Show Mid Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Grow and Show™ Tulips, Mid

Grow and Show Mid to Late Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Grow and Show™ Tulips, Mid to Late

Gudoshnik Tulips

Happy Together® Tulip Blend

Hokus Crocus™ Blend

Honky Tonk Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Honky Tonk Tulips

Horizon Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Horizon Amaryllis

Hot Hot Hot® Tulip Blend

Hyacinth Aqua Bulbs Colorblends

Hyacinth Aqua

Hyacinth Blue Delta™ Blend

Hyacinth Blue Jacket

Hyacinth Carnegie

Hyacinth Étouffée™ Blend

Hyacinth Fondant

Hyacinth Gipsy Queen

Hyacinth Jambalaya™ Blend

Hyacinth Jan Bos

Hyacinth Punch Bowl Bulbs Colorblends

Hyacinth Punch Bowl™ Blend

Hyacinth Purple Sensation

Hyacinth Saints Parade™ Blend

Hyacinth Scentsimilla Bulbs Colorblends

Hyacinth Scentsimilla™ Blend

Hyacinth Yellowstone Bulbs Colorblends

Hyacinth Yellowstone

iimagination™ Tulip Blend

Impression Springtime Flower Bulbs Colorblends

Impression Springtime™

Interstellar™ Amaryllis Trio

Iris Harmony

Jacques and Jill® Tulip Blend

Johan Cruyff Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Johan Cruyff Tulips

Judy Beauty Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Judy Beauty™ Tulip Blend

Kinetoscope Flower Bulbs Colorblends


Kingsblood Tulips

Lady Jane Tulips

Lava® Tulip Blend

Lawn Suite Flower Bulbs Colorblends

Lawn Suite™

Lemony Remedy Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Lemony Remedy™ Tulip Blend

Lipsticks™ Tulip Blend

Little Beauty Tulips

Little Princess Tulips

Liva Tulips

Magnum Amaryllis

Mandela Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Mandela Amaryllis

Marilyn Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Marilyn Amaryllis

Marilyn Tulips

Maureen Tulips

Mellow Drama Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Mellow Drama™ Tulip Blend

Menton Tulips

Merry Go Round™ Tulip Blend

Metamorphic™ Tulip Blend

Miss Confection® Tulip Blend

Mood Indigo™ Tulip Blend

Moris Gudanov Tulips

Moscow Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Moscow Amaryllis

Mount Tacoma Tulips

Much Niceness® Tulip Blend

Muscari Latifolium

My Three Suns® Tulip Blend

Nightingale tulip bulbs Colorblends

Nightingale™ Tulip Blend

Nir Paperwhites

Orange Balloon Tulips

Orange Squared™ Tulip Blend

Paint by Nature Flower Bulbs Colorblends

Paint by Nature™

Petal Pushers® Tulip Blend

Picotee Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Picotee Amaryllis

Pillow Talk™ Tulip Blend

Pink Cubed® Tulip Blend

Pink Margarita® Tulip Blend

Pink Squared™ Tulip Blend

Pinkster™ Tulip Blend

Pinotage™ Tulip Blend

Polka Dots® Tulip Blend

Power Play Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Power Play™ Tulip Blend

Praestans Shogun Tulips

Prosecco™ Tulip Blend

Purdy® Tulip Blend

Purple Lady Tulips

Queen of Night Tulips

Rapido Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Rapido Amaryllis

Red Crown Imperials

Red Cubed™ Tulip Blend

Red Lion Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Red Lion Amaryllis

Red Purissima Tulips

Red Squared™ Tulip Blend

Red Victory Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Red Victory Amaryllis

Red-Yellow Cubed™ Tulip Blend

Red-Yellow Squared™ Tulip Blend

Rosalie Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Rosalie Amaryllis

Rosy Diamond Tulips

Rosy Star Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Rosy Star Amaryllis

Samba Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Samba Amaryllis

Sanne Tulips

Scarlet Baby Tulips

See View Plait® Tulip Blend

Sherbet® Tulip Blend

Silvaner™ Tulip Blend

Skyliners™ Tulip Blend

Smooch™ Tulip Blend

Snake's Head Fritillaria



Sol Array® Tulip Blend

Spanish Bluebells

Spartacus Amaryllis Bulb Colorblends

Spartacus Amaryllis

Stardust Amaryllis Bulbs Colorblends

Stardust Amaryllis

Stop the Car® Tulip Blend

Striped Squill

Super Collider Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Super Collider™ Tulip Blend

Tarda Tulips

Thanks and Praise™ Tulip Blend

The Crusaders® Tulip Blend

The Rainbow Coalition® Tulip Blend

The Royals® Tulip Blend

The Tang Dynasty® Tulip Blend

Threedom™ Tulip Blend

Tinka Tulips

Tom Pouce Tulips

Tommies Crocuses

Torch Song® Tulip Blend

Triathlon® Tulip Blend

Trident™ Tulip Blend

Trifecta™ Tulip Blend

Tubergen's Gem Tulips

Turkestanica Tulips

Twin Peeks® Tulip Blend

Vernal Jewels™ Crocus Blend

Vidal™ Tulip Blend

Virichic Tulips

Vital Signs™ Tulip Blend

Vitamin See® Tulip Blend

Wellspring™ Tulip Blend

Wheels Up® Tulip Blend

White Candle Amaryllis Bulbs

White Candle Amaryllis

White Cubed™ Tulip Blend

White Hot® Tulip Blend

White Squared™ Tulip Blend

White Squill

Wildfyre™ Tulip Blend

Winter Wolf's Bane

Woodland Blend™

Yellow Cubed™ Tulip Blend

Yellow Squared™ Tulip Blend

Your Imminence® Tulip Blend

Yume no Murasaki Tulips

Zephyr Tulip Bulbs Colorblends

Zephyr™ Tulip Blend