Daffodil Bulbs Wintersun

A paperwhite with a difference: This recent introduction has pure white petals and cute little cups of soft yellow that turn creamy as the flowers mature. In all other respects, Wintersun is a true paperwhite. It grows and flowers indoors without special preparation and provides fragrance as well as beauty. Its scent is perhaps the gentlest of all of the paperwhites: light and sweet, without even a hint of musk.

Please note that Wintersun grows taller than many other paperwhites and may need support.

Paperwhites are for indoor growing only, except where winters are very mild. Allow 5–6 weeks from planting to bloom. Each bulb will produce 2–3 sturdy stems crowned with clusters of sweetly scented flowers.

Wintersun # 3406
per 25: $ 21.00
per 100: $ 59.00
per 500: $ 270.00
Our Item #: 3406
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Height: 20-24 inches
Bulb Size: 16-17cm
Bloom Time: Indoor
Depth: inches
USDA Zones:
Density: per sq. ft.

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Daffodil Bulbs Wintersun

Daffodil Bulbs Wintersun

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