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A hori-hori is a knife that is designed to be used in the soil. It is ideal for planting small bulbs in turf or along the edge of woods because the blade slices through thatch and roots. Also useful for myriad other gardening tasks. Wooden handle with a stainless steel blade that is serrated on one side and has depth markings in inches and millimeters. Vinyl scabbard included. There are many knock-off hori-horis on the market. None matches the quality and utility of this beautiful tool.
Unconditionally guaranteed.
Made in Japan.

Length: 12½"
Blade Width: 1⅝"

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Our Item #: 9034
2020 Catalog: Page 145
Height: inches
Bulb Size:
Bloom Time:
Depth: inches
USDA Zones:
Density: per sq. ft.

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Tools Hori Hori

Tools Hori Hori

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