About Shipping and Delivery Dates

All of our bulbs ship in the fall and must be planted in the fall. We start shipping in the fourth week in September. On the special instructions page during checkout, you can select from a list of weeks for delivery or enter a specific date. We can usually accommodate your request. If you do not pick a date, we will deliver your order at the correct time for planting--when soil temperatures in your area approach 55 degrees F.

Northern areas like Michigan and Minnesota should see their deliveries start to arrive in late September and early October. Southern areas like Georgia and western areas like Northern California won't see their deliveries until some time in November.

Tulips and most other spring-flowering bulbs that are to be planted in Zones 7b-10, where soil temperatures do not cool down sufficiently in winter, should be pre-chilled for 8-10 weeks before planting (the longer the better). We can pre-chill your bulbs and ship them in December, or if you would rather refrigerate them yourself we can send them in early to mid-October. We charge a flat fee of $30 per order for pre-chilling.

The following bulbs do NOT need to be pre-chilled:

  • Alliums
  • Amaryllis
  • Daffodils (Narcissus)
  • Paperwhites
  • Spanish bluebells (Hyacinthoides)
  • Snowflake (Leucojum)
  • Starflowers (Ipheion)

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