Customer Testimonials

Here is a sampling of the many letters and emails we receive from our customers.

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“I have been buying your tulips for at least 18 years and have never been disappointed. I live in a beautiful historic neighborhood and everyone goes out of his way in the spring to see the tulips. They have even caused car accidents!”

- Liz W., Southern Pines, NC

“The way that the boxes were labeled with the addresses on the side was such a TREMENDOUS help last year. As I know I’ve said many times, Colorblends is simply the best with customer service, quality bulbs and general assistance in selecting bulbs. Much of Fifth Avenue, the best addresses and most impressive displays, are all your bulbs.”

- Mark M., Croton-on-Hudson, NY

“A thank you note regarding our order: We love the way you shipped the bulbs! It has been so much easier and there have been many fewer errors due to the labeling of the bulb bags and bins. A big thank you from me and my team.”

- Sherrill E., Seattle, WA

“Every year I am more and more impressed with the dedication to customer service from Colorblends. From the recommendation to use a better selection for my area to the ease of handling shipping concerns, there are few companies that provide this level of service any more. Many talk, few implement.”

- Nicole G., Overland Park, KS

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“I wanted to share a picture of the tulips I planted in my yard. They are called Stop the Car, and they lived up to their name. We had people stopping by every day to take pictures. The quality of your bulbs is outstanding!”

- Bill F., Rocky Point, NY

“We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the quality and care you took with our shipment. Thank you! The products arrived in solid, clean packaging, and when my wife and I began planting, we were very pleased with the health of the bulbs. I was also impressed that the shipment came complete, no spilt shipments, making our end very manageable and easy to work into our tight time schedules.”

- Greg T., Lake Bluff, IL

“I’ve been ordering 1000-1500 Colorblends bulbs a year for the past 10 years, and I am a big fan. Great quality, wonderful and speedy service, good prices. Colorblends is absolutely the best place for fall bulbs!”

- Ty W., Northport, MI

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