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Lawn Suite Flower Bulbs Colorblends

Lawn Suite™

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Lawn Suite™

A spring medley for the color-starved eye. The show starts in early spring with crocus Yellow Mammoth (300 bulbs in each crate), continues with daffodil Tete-à-Tête (100 bulbs) and tulip Scarlet Baby (200 bulbs), and concludes with Grape Hyacinths (200 bulbs) and tulip Tarda (200 bulbs).

The bulbs are ordered and shipped as full crates of 1000 bulbs, with each variety bagged separately and labeled. Basic instructions are included. Prefer to tweak the recipe or order the bulbs in different quantities? All of the components can purchased on their own, along with other bulbs that naturalize in turf (please call to order crocus Yellow Mammoth). Introduced 2022.

Important: For a perennial performance, you must wait to mow until the bulb foliage has completely yellowed.

Note to customers in warm climates: Some of the bulbs in this collection require prechilling and are unlikely to perform well beyond the first spring.

Item # 8101
Height 4—9 inches
Sunlight Full (6+ hours sun per day)
Soil Well drained
Flower Color Yellow, Red, and Blue
Blend % 5 varieties
Bulb Size Topsize
Bulb size is determined by the circumference around the largest part of the bulb. Colorblends only delivers top size bulbs. Large bulbs produce more or larger flowers than small bulbs.
USDA Zones 5a—7a
Hardy in USDA zones 5a to 7a in the South or 8b on the West Coast. Prechill in zones 7b and warmer in the South, Southwest, and California.
Bloom Time Very Early to Mid
Bloom times are relative within the spring bulb season, which varies from place to place and year to year. They are intended to help you plan a sequence of bloom from Very Early season to Very Late season. About two weeks separate Early from Mid and Mid from Late. The start and duration of bloom is heavily dependent on the weather. Warm temperatures speed up growth and flowering; cold temperatures slow them down.
  • early
  • mid
  • late

$ 0.00

Quantity Price per bulb
1,000 to 4,000 $ 0.30
5,000 to 9,000 $ 0.26
10,000 or more $ 0.25

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To find the number of bulbs you need, enter the square footage of the planting area in the box below.


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Planting Instructions

There are no rules for planting a Color Your Grass collection. Jacqueline van der Kloet, the Dutch designer who inspired Color Your Grass, suggests the following approach:

1. Choose a sunny location where the soil drains well.

2. Mow the grass to improve the visibility of the bulbs.

3. Open the bags and mix the bulbs in a bulb crate or wheelbarrow.

4. Toss the bulbs out onto the grass.

5. Plant the bulbs where they lie.

Detailed instructions for planting according to Jacqueline’s method will be included with every order.

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